Senior care can take a massive toll on elderly individuals and their family members. From declining health to mounting financial obligations, sometimes the stress can prove overwhelming. This is why Sandyside Senior Living, a licensed Assisted Living facility in southeast Michigan, has started a monthly Senior Care Support Group.

Open to the public, the Sandyside Senior Care Support Group is organized by Sandyside and led by Ilene Beninson, an expert in Medical Social Work and Psychology. Meetings take place at the Sandyside facility in White Lake, MI.

Who Should Attend the Senior Care Support Group?

Anyone who is struggling with senior care in their own lives and is seeking support, advice, or simply an open ear and heart is encouraged to attend. This includes family members or friends of an elderly individual, senior care workers, and elderly individuals themselves.

The most common topics covered in our support group meetings are…

  • Memory-related Illness like Dementia and Alzheimer’s
  • Other age-related illnesses including Parkinson’s & Multiple Sclerosis (MS)
  • Death and dying
  • Financial concerns related to health care and daily expenses
  • Family dynamic issues

*Learn more about Dementia/Alzheimer’s online including symptoms, care & treatment – CLICK HERE

About the Support Group Organizers

The monthly support group is organized by Sandyside Senior Living. The meetings take place at their newly renovated facility in White Lake, MI. Sandyside’s own staff assists in the meetings as well as being available during the week to answer questions about the support group. Learn more about Sandyside’s experienced staff of elderly care specialists online at .

Leading our group is subject matter expert Ilene Beninson. With a Bachelors from Oakland University in Clinical Psychology and Masters from MSU in Clinical/Medical Social Work, Ilene is the perfect fit for this special support group.

How Do I Attend?

*As of 1/01/2019,  the Sandyside Senior Support Group has been postponed indefinitely. Please check back for updates.

The Senior Care Support Group is open to the public, so anyone can attend. There is no need to alert Sandyside if you wish to join, but for any questions not answered here please visit our Contact Us page for contact information.

Where: Sandyside Senior Living, 9259 Sandyside Rd., White Lake, Michigan 48386

When: The Senior Support Group is postponed until further notice.

Cost: FREE to the public

Still have questions about our Senior Care Support Group? Send us a message:


PHONE: (248) 698-3700