The decision to move yourself or a loved one to an assisted living facility is never an easy one. When that loved one is afflicted with dementia, Parkinson’s disease, or other age-related illnesses, the decision is that much more difficult. Nonetheless, we here at Sandyside Senior Living would argue that the pros far outweigh the cons and invite you to come visit, talk to our people, and see why Sandyside is actually better than staying at home. Ensuring peace of mind, personalized care, and improving everyday life are just a few reasons why Sandyside Senior Living is the assisted living facility southeast Michigan families trust.

Peace of Mind All The Time

Round the clock care means less stress for our residents and their families. At Sandyside, we are all about our residents’ comfort and care. Sandyside Senior Living offers amenities including hand made, hand delivered meals to community events and visitors, residents have a place that they can proudly call home without worrying about the hassles of cleaning or keeping up the yard. Families and caretakers can go to work during the day and go to sleep at night knowing that dangerous accidents and errors are a thing of the past.

Tailored Care from Expert Practitioners

Every person is different and each condition is different. Sandyside therefore prioritizes an individual approach to care. That means not just expert treatment and methodology, but it also means being adaptable, malleable, and working with the residents’ and their families to create a care strategy based on personal needs and preferences. On top of all that, our staff members are some of the most talented members of their field. Our team-first approach to care ensures that every important detail is understood and communicated because it’s simply what our residents deserve.

The Enjoying Everyday

Sandyside Senior living has the expert staff, deluxe amenities, and engaging activities to help our residents to thrive. That means we take care of all the details so that our residents get to focus on only those daily activities that bring them the most joy. Whether that’s engaging in arts and crafts, gardening and beautifying the building, getting some exercise, or simply relaxing and watching some TV in one of our big, comfy La-Z-Boy chairs you had best believe that our folks our living their best lives.


The Sandyside Difference

At Sandyside Senior Living, your loved one will get the care he or she needs. Our small, 20 bed community is more than just a community–we are a family. From our owners Tim and Mike to our care staff, cooks, and administrators, we all interact and share precious with our residents each and every day. We encourage you to come and visit, walk the grounds, and have a conversation about family, care, and quality of life. We hope to see you soon!


PHONE: (248) 698-3700